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How EASY LAB works:

Now anyone* can get lab tests done at affordable prices without the hassle of making an appointment to see a physician. Get the lab tests you want done on your schedule. Its as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

1. Schedule a convenient time to have your blood drawn.

2. Have your blood drawn by our experienced staff. 

3. Receive your results through your "Patient Portal".

*Patients with health insurance may require an office visit before labs are ordered and deductible may apply.

Most Common Lab Tests

  • CMP ($10) -  Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

    • Electrolytes, Kidney Function, and Liver Function​

  • BMP ($5) - Electrolytes & Kidney Function

  • CBC ($5) - Complete Blood Count

    • White and Red Blood Cells, Hematocrit, Platelets

  • TSH ($10) - Thyroid Function

  • Lipid Profile ($10) - Cholesterol panel with HDL, LDL, Triglycerides

  • Liver Function Panel ($10)

    • Includes AST, ALT, and Alkaline Phosphatase enzyme levels​

Diabetes Testing

  • Hemoglobin A1c ($10) -  provides average blood sugar for previous 3 months

  • Fasting Insulin Level ($10) - Helps determine insulin resistance as this should be low in non-diabetics when fasting.

  • BMP and Lipid Panel are often added when monitoring Diabetes

Annual Physical Labs

  • This set of labs includes what is typically obtained on annual physical exam testing

  • CBC, CMP, Lipid Panel, TSH

  • Cost for panel is $35

Anemia Panel ($35)

  • 14 test panel that includes tests to evaluate the degree and cause of anemia including a CBC (red blood cells, hemoglobin, etc), Ferritin, Iron, Total Iron Binding Capacity, Folate, and Vitamin B-12

Men's Health Panel

  • Testosterone Free and Total ($30)

  • Estradiol hormone level ($15)

  • Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG)

    • Call for pricing​

  • CMP, CBC, Lipid Panel

Women's Health Panel ($125)

  • Testosterone Free and Total ($30)

    • This is an important hormone even in women​

  • Estradiol hormone level ($15)

  • FSH and LH levels ($20) 

    • ​produced by the pituitary gland to control the production of sex hormones including testosterone and estrogen

  • Progesterone Level ($15)

  • DHEA-S ($10) 

    • Produced by the brain and adrenal gland and leads to the production of male and female sex hormones ​

  • CMP, CBC, Lipid Panel, TSH ($35)

What Our Clients Say

Sandra B.

I was very pleased with my visit to Medical Specialty Clinic. The doctor took time to explain everything to me and it never felt rushed. 

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