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Carbohydrate AWARE Diet

1. ALWAYS look at food labels to determine total carbohydrate.

a. You can subtract FIBER and Sugar Alcohols from the total but if this is too difficult just look at total.

2. Avoid the obvious high carbohydrate foods such as POTATOES, BREAD, CEREALS, CHIPS, TORTILLAS, BISCUITS, CRACKERS, WAFFLES, PANCAKES, and SYRUPS such as honey and pancake syrup.

a. Cereal and Oatmeal are often overlooked and thought of as “healthy” options, but the fact is that they usually have high carbohydrate content and added sugar, so look at labels.

3. Reduce Sugar. Instead of sugar, use sweeteners that do not raise your blood sugar or have a lower impact on insulin such as ALLULOSE. You can also use artificial sweeteners or a combination of ERYTHRITOL, STEVIA (Truvia), SUCRALOSE (Splenda).

a. Aspartame is OK but the others are preferred.

4. “EATING” includes drinking anything with calories. Please keep that in mind.

a. A soda, glass of milk, sweet tea, or a milk shake are all “meals” as far as your body is concerned.

b. Water, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Black Coffee are about the only things that do not break a fast.

5. DO NOT buy/eat LOW FAT or FAT FREE foods.

a. These usually substitute simple sugars or other carbohydrates to improve flavor and will destroy your ability to lose weight.

6. BREAKFAST may be your WORST meal of the day. Intermittent Fasting increases rather than decreasing your metabolism. It also increases growth hormone levels.

7. Fruit can be very unhealthy depending on the circumstances. It is generally healthy, but if you have diabetes or need a low carbohydrate/sugar diet then it can be a bad thing. Fruit is almost all sugar so just be aware of this when you decide to eat it.

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