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CollaGEN for Youthful Skin and Healthy Joints

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Collagen is critical for skin elasticity, muscle strength, joint health, and many other parts of our body. We often do not get an adequate amount of high-quality proteins, or amino acids, in our diet. That is why collagen supplements have increased so much in popularity. A collagen supplement is a great idea for anyone who would like more youthful skin, stronger hair, stronger nails, to improve joint health, or support strong muscles and tendons, but how do you decide which one is right for you.

There are too many collagen supplements on the market. The right supplement for you may be different than someone else. You may want to improve your skin and fine lines. Another person may need help with arthritis and joint pain. It is impossible to pick the best supplement for your individual needs, but Ortho Molecular Products has made the decision easier by combining multiple clinically proven cartilage supporting supplements into a single product.

Bovine collagen is generally considered the best all round choice, but marine collagen may be better suited to target skin rejuvenation and elasticity as it contains more Type 1 collagen. Bovine collagen has a higher amount of Type 3 collagen. Don’t worry too much about the numbers here. I believe they are numbered in the order in which they were discovered.

The key components of a good quality collagen supplement are:

· Quality – It should be from a reliable manufacturer with good quality control and consistency with purity. Having scientific studies to support the ingredients or components is also a huge component but watch for small studies that were sponsored by manufacturers.

· Type – It should contain type 1 and type 3 collagen if possible. Type 1 is. Type 3 collagen is present in high concentrations in skin, blood vessels and other tissues with large proportions of elastic fibers. Type 3 collagen is a key player in wound healing.7 Supplements with a wide variety of collagen types my be too broad to support the goal of taking the supplement in the first place.

· Absorption – It should be hydrolyzed if possible. This is the process of breaking the collagen down into smaller peptides and amino acids so they are better absorbed. It matters much more about how much is absorbed than how much you take.

· Supporting ingredients – Try to find a supplement that includes magnesium, vitamin C, and Zinc. These are involved in the process of building strong connective tissue. Vitamin C also helps aid the absorption of collagen.

Over time, lifestyle factors can cause reduced elasticity in cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and skin. This leads to wrinkles, decreased dermal matrix strength, and soft tissue and joint discomfort. Most therapies simply block joint pain and connective tissue discomfort from exercise, and in doing so inhibit the regeneration and elongation of specific precursors and deplete nutrients such as vitamin C and magnesium that maintain joint and connective tissue health. FORTIGEL®, Tendaxion® and Mobilee® protect and preserve cartilage, tendons, ligaments, intervertebral discs, and fascia. These three clinically studied ingredients support the natural healing process and maintain the connective tissue structure.

Collagen is a safe, easy-to-incorporate supplement with promising research behind it.

Here are some short videos with more information.

Links to the product pages at Ortho Molecular Products website:

To see if a collagen supplement can help support a healthier more youthful body come see us in our office, or check out our website at


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