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Kill Food Cravings with EMPOWER

I recently started using this to help control cravings. It works immediately and helps decrease my hunger. Then, if I do eat it tastes very bland so I do not continue to eat. It is really neat how it works. I carry it with me and can use it several times a day if needed. It has a mild mint flavor to it and wears off after an hour or so. One tip though, don't take any right before you are about to enjoy your favorite beverage. You will be disappointed.

EMPOWER by Juniper Life instantly gives you the willpower you need to make healthy food choices. Thanks to a proprietary blend of ingredients, EMPOWER can completely block the sweet taste in any sugary food for up to 4 hours, reduce sweet cravings by satisfying emotional triggers, give a comfortable boost in energy, and ultimately reinforce good food choices.

What To Expect: After using the product, you will immediately be disgusted by sweets including all kinds of weight gaining foods like cookies, cupcakes, sodas, ice cream and more.

You may need to use it more frequently at first, but over time you will need less and less as you break your bad eating habits.

Proprietary Blend: Gymnema Sylvestre Extract - Works to maintain healthy sugar levels and blocks sweet taste for 3-4 hours.

Guarana Seed Extract - Instant mental lift.

5-HTP - Amino acid that works to boost mood, decrease stress, and calm the nerves to help prevent nervous or emotional binge eating.

Biotin (Vit. B7) - Helps maintain healthy sugar levels and sugar tolerance.

Chromium Picolinate - Gives a small energy boost, calms nerves, manages appetite, and works to maintain the body's healthy sugar levels.

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