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Turmeric is AMAZING

Known as the “spice of life”, turmeric has been used in curry spice blends and as a healing herb for thousands of years in India and throughout Asia. In recent years, there has been a bounty of scientific research supporting its strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, which in turn has made it a popular ingredient in anti-aging and skincare regimens.

So, let’s explore turmeric – one of the healthiest and most celebrated spices on earth.

What is Turmeric?

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a flowering plant belonging to the ginger family that is native to Southeast Asia. It is most often used as a spice in cooking but has several other uses that will interest you!

Also known at the “spice of life” it has been used as a healing herb for thousands of years. Turmeric contains active compounds known as curcuminoids that have the unique ability to block an enzyme that causes inflammation and combat free radical damage. So, curcuminoids are both anti-inflammatory and antioxidants.

The clinical studies on this herb use turmeric extracts that most commonly contain dosages of 1 gram (1,000 mg) per day so it is really not possible to get that much turmeric by simply adding the spice to your food. Therefore, if you want to experience the full effects, you need to take a commercially prepared supplement.

What is Turmeric Good for?

Turmeric and Curcuminoids are anti-inflammatory, can help balance mood and provide antioxidant effects to encompass both inner and outer health. This supplement is very popular in “anti-aging” medicine, or as I prefer to call it “age management”. I prefer this as there is no way to reverse aging. However, we can slow it in many ways and live a longer fuller life. I like the sound of that, how about you?

8 Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Turmeric

Getting a research-based dose of turmeric every day can work wonders in providing you with the protection you need against a wide variety of age-related health issues including:

TURMERIC HEALTH BENEFIT #1 Combating Harmful Inflammation

Turmeric is perhaps the strongest, natural anti-inflammatory nutrient on earth. If you are looking for an alternative to prescription strength anti-inflammatories without their related side effects, then this is a fantastic option.

TURMERIC HEALTH BENEFIT #2 Cellular Age-Fighting Antioxidant

You are as young as the health of your cells. While it’s natural for the trillions of cells in your body to age over your lifetime, science shows your lifestyle and the environment contribute to how quickly the evolution occurs.

This is why antioxidants are vital for protecting your cellular health. The potent anti-oxidative compound properties of turmeric help to neutralize free radicals and beef-up the body’s cellular defenses.

TURMERIC HEALTH BENEFIT #3 Strengthening Cardiovascular Health

Extensive research has shown that elevated levels of an inflammation marker called C-reactive protein (CRP) is a strong indicator of long-term cardiovascular risk. Research shows that Turmeric can lower CRP levels as well triglycerides, which are strongly associated with cardiovascular risk (heart attacks and strokes to name a few).

TURMERIC HEALTH BENEFIT #4 Protecting Against Cognitive Decline

A recent study found that turmeric promotes the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a growth hormone responsible for youthful brain function.

According to scientists, higher BDNF levels may hold the key to improved memory and sharper thinking as you age. This can also help improve short term memory and makes it a great option to pair with Resveratrol for combined and increased effectiveness.

TURMERIC HEALTH BENEFIT #5 Helping to Balance Blood Sugar

Scientific research shows that turmeric can help balance glucose levels by binding to sugar and reducing the amount of glucose in the bloodstream.

TURMERIC HEALTH BENEFIT #6 Relieving Every Day Joint Aches and Pains

In a landmark study, turmeric was shown to relieve pain as effectively as a popular pain reliever while reducing stiffness and improving overall joint function—all without side effects.

TURMERIC HEALTH BENEFIT #7 Eases Digestive Discomfort

Scientific studies show that turmeric’s anti-inflammatory benefits can aid in promoting healthy digestion as well. In one study, turmeric was associated with up to a 25% reduction in digestive discomfort, with two-thirds of participants reporting overall improvement in digestive function.

TURMERIC HEALTH BENEFIT #8 Brighter, Healthier Skin

Turmeric has been shown to inhibit a key enzyme that can reduce elastin formation in the body. Elastin, in tandem with collagen, is skin’s main structural protein responsible for smooth, plump, supple skin.

Clinical studies show that turmeric’s antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects can improve acne on the face, back and chest. Additionally, a 150-person study was conducted to test the effects of curcumin on eczema, revealing clinical improvement in their condition.

Finding a Superior Turmeric Supplement

As mentioned previously, 1,000 mg per day of turmeric extract is the most widely researched dosage. And since it would be very difficult to reach these levels just using the turmeric spice in your foods, if you want to experience the full effects, you need to take a supplement.

Turmeric is poorly absorbed into the bloodstream, so it is very important to consume turmeric with piperine, a natural substance that enhances the absorption of turmeric. Piperine is an extract from Black Pepper and scientists discovered that this enhanced the absorption of Turmeric greatly. Also, since turmeric is fat soluble, it should be taken with a meal that includes healthy fats.

Here is a “buyer’s guide” which will help you select an effective turmeric supplement:

  • Research-Level Dosage: Look for a 1,000 mg dosage to make sure you are getting a research-based level of turmeric every day. Many brands contain 100 mg or less, so you're throwing your money away for such pixie-dust levels. That's only 10% of the levels you need for the cardiovascular, brain, joint and overall inflammation-fighting benefits.

  • High Potency Turmeric: Check the label carefully to make sure you a getting a high potency formula containing turmeric extract standardized to 95% curcuminoids. Many formulas are standardized to 50% or less, which is a watered-down and ineffective level of the key active ingredient in turmeric.

  • Superior Absorption: The one big flaw of turmeric is that it is hard for the body to absorb. If a supplement does not contain piperine to enhance absorption, you almost certainly will not be enjoying the full range of health benefits turmeric can provide.

  • Free of Magnesium Stearate: Magnesium stearate is a commonly used additive in the manufacturing process of vitamins and supplements. But there is a lot of conflicting scientific evidence about its safety. The risk just isn’t worth it, so insist on a formula that is made completely free of magnesium stearate.

  • Affordably Priced: Some supplement suppliers are taking advantage of the recent surge in popularity of turmeric by jacking up the price of these supplements to robber baron levels. There is no need for you to pay more than $35 per bottle containing a full month’s supply for a high-quality turmeric supplement.

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee: Even with high-quality, by the nature of nutritional supplements they simply don’t work universally for everyone in the same way. So, whenever you are trying a supplement for the first time, make sure it is backed by a full 100% guarantee so you can try it without risk.

Finding a high-quality turmeric supplement with all "the right stuff" at an affordable price can be challenging.

I know patients are going to ask me which one to take and where I can get a good quality turmeric supplement so here is a link to what I feel is a good quality supplement.

Click Here to buy this supplement, or to get it here at Amazon.

As always, discuss starting any new medication with your healthcare provider before making a change.

This formula features 1,000 mg of pure turmeric extract standardized to 95%curcuminoids along with 10 mg of BioPerine® black pepper extract, which has been scientifically shown to enhance the absorption of turmeric dramatically.

Plus: This formula is enhanced with 100 mg of TRANS-resveratrol for additional anti-inflammatory and antioxidant support, and 25 mg of grapeseed extract, which provides additional heart health benefits by helping to reduce blood pressure and improve blood flow.

It is also very affordable, as low as $20 per bottle for a full month’s supply. It also ships to you for free and is backed by an industry-leading 365-day, 100% satisfaction, full refund guarantee so you can try it without risk.

And before you ask, No I do not make any money or get any compensation for making this recommendation.

* The information contained above is for general consumer understanding and education and should not be considered or used as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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